How would your life be different if you could

manage your stress more easily and effectively?


What if you found true healing, how would your life be different?


Suppose you could find viable solutions to problems that you may have had for a long time?


What if you found lasting inner peace and happiness?


What would it feel like to live in a higher state of expanded consciousness?


All of these things are possible and more... plus you can get there and really enjoy the journey along the way!


Thank you for visiting my website. This site discusses many topics on "Awakening," and includes information on the classes I teach and a wide variety of energy work that I do.


My company focuses on offering people healing of the "whole" person on all levels ~ body, mind & spirit.


Thank you again for taking an interest in your growth and healing, and I hope I can be of service to you!





Sandra Gourd is passionate about being a conduit through which people can create positive change in their lives so that they can experience inner fulfillment through the power of massage, hypnosis, energy healing, prayer and meditation. Healing on all levels ~ Body, Mind, & Spirit ~ creating Awakening 4 the World, one person at a time!

Awakening 4 the World

Offering Amazing Tools and Techniques to Enhance Your Awakening Journey